Impacting Peoples’ Lives, One Step at a Time

The Balance Wheel or ‘Wheel of Life’ is a flexible coaching tool that offers a holistic view of your current life and work situation. Visually, it helps us identify areas of imbalance and helps us set goals and priorities in life.

The balance wheel helps us know what we want in our life, how to get there and where we are in our journey towards ours goals. We can slowly explore the deeper meaning of each of the topics that we identified. We can ask ourselves questions like, “what make you do what you do every day?”, “what gets you out of be every morning?”, “what motivates you to give your best?” and “why are you not doing your best if it means so much to you?”

Often, the balance wheel serves an excellent reminder to keep us focused on our goals and use the tool as a “means to an end”.